Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE), Rivier University,   420 South Main Street ~Nashua, NH  03060            RISE  FALL  COURSES  BEGIN  OCTOBER 4    Nashua – The Rivier Institute for Senior Education (RISE) is conducting the fall semester online via Zoom.  The six-week semester begins Monday, October 4 and ends Friday, November 12.  Each class session is 60 minutes and held between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.   Seniors can choose from 35 courses.  There are no learning prerequisites, no tests and no credits earned.  Membership fee is $50.00 for one or more courses.  Course topics include literature, history, music, fine arts, genealogy, technology, philosophy, personal safety, personal growth, writing, politics and the world, health, arts and crafts, enrichment, and yoga. 

     Zoom is quite simple to use and RISE will provide support for individuals who might be hesitant to participate using this format.  Zoom allows a continuation with lifelong learning and also provides a way to connect while RISE is off campus.

     Information for the course listings and registration is posted at https://rise.rivier.wildapricot.org.   The registration period is closed.  The RISE program, tailored for “learning in retirement,” is in its twenty-fourth year. Individuals age 55 and over are invited to learn more about RISE from the RISE website https://rise.rivier.wildapricot.org and/or https: www.facebook.com/RISE1997.  Additional information is available by calling (603) 897-8623.

Note:  I am leaving this post here for awhile as I believe many people might be interested in registering for the next session. You must become a Member of RISE first, then you can register for classes. That can only be done during the registration period.  The next session will be in the spring. You may want to make note if you are interested in this program. Usually in January they will have an information session and registration period before the classes begin in March. Great membership benefits in addition to the courses offered.