LEARNING IN RETIREMENT A partnership project with UMass Lowell

Retirees: Free Zoom classes – Covid safe from your home.  Keep learning through the pandemic. 

Jan 13: New England Witches Before Salem. Associate Professor Bridget Marshall will discuss her research on Massachusetts witchcraft trials before Salem–who was accused and how trials proceeded including about “Half-Hanged Mary.”
Jan 15: Film Discussion Group. Movie – “Green Book”
Jan 20: 125 Years of Innovation and Education at UMass Lowell. Associated Professor Marie Frank talks about the people and events that shaped the institution’s rich history.
Jan 22: Book Discussion Group. “Black Wave: Saudi Arabia, Iran and the forty-year rivalry that unraveled culture, religion, and collective memory in the Middle East” by Kim Ghattas
Jan 27: The Role of Combustion in a Green Future. Assistant Professor Noah Van Dam will cover the history and the development of combustion with renewable, carbon-neutral fuels.
Feb. 3: Presidential Politics in the Year 2020. White House AP reporter Jonathan Lemire will talk about his experiences of covering the presidency of Donald Trump and the 2020 campaign.
Feb. 10: Nonviolent Resistance: Gandhi, King and the Story of Richard Gregg. UMass Lowell Professor Emeritus John Wooding talks about his new book “The Power of Non-Violence.”
Feb 17: Atlanta’s ‘Great Decisions’ in Civil Rights. Former native Atlantan Lynn Tyndall will focus on defining moments that carried the city through the civil chaos into acceptance and opportunity for many.
Feb 17: Book Discussion Group. “On the Plain of Snakes: a Mexican Journey” by Paul Theroux
Feb 19: Film Discussion Group. Movie – Finding Forrester
Feb. 24: River Hawk Scholars Academy. Associate Teaching Professor Mathew Hurwitz discusses how the Scholars Academy supports first-generation college students during their first year at UMass Lowell.

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