A Note from Dunstable Animal Clinic

  The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all and the Dunstable Animal Clinic is no exception. Based on the recommendations of the CDC and AVMA we are taking the following precautions to keep everyone safe and healthy.
Staff only are being allowed in the building.
     When you come for an appointment call the office (978)649-6513 and a staff member will come out to get your pet with a slip lead that will be disinfected between pets. If you do not have a cell phone, call before you leave your house with an ETA and what car to look out for.
     For medication/food pick up we are asking that you call with requests and payments over the phone first. Again, call the clinic when you arrive and a staff member will bring it out to you.
     No more elective surgeries at this time. If you are going to need a refill of any long term medications do it now.  We are doing our best to stay open to serve all of our clients. This is an evolving situation we will try to keep you updated as things change. Thank you for your understanding.