Fitness Hiking Monday and Fridays through April 2020  9:00 – 11:00am

Regular walking in nature reduces stress, anxiety, and improves the immune system, and nervous system. Join BBA guides and many other fun people that will become your new friends for regular aerobic trail walking. Learn your way around Beaver Brook trails and discover many other great trails in the region including Horse Hill Nature Preserve, Monson, Andres Institute of Art, the Potanipo Rail Trail, Purgatory Falls and more.  Wear sturdy hiking boots and wear repellent or treated clothing against ticks. (We can teach you the best products to use). We hike rain, snow or shine. Join us 1 or 2x per week (M&F) . The goal is to walk 2 to 2.5 mph, to gain aerobic exercise and boost our endorphins. It works!  We will provide snowshoes or ice treads if you need them. Call for more information 603-465-7787.