New Massachusetts Resources Combat Youth Vaping

Ashley Hall, MS Program Manager, Northeast Tobacco Free Community Partnership (978) 722-2864

Vaping by youth has become what the U.S. Surgeon General calls an epidemic.  In response, the Massachusetts Department of Public Health has developed an awareness campaign with materials for middle and high school youth in addition to offering two new services for youth who want to quit tobacco and nicotine.

In Massachusetts, 20% of high school students reported currently using e-cigarettes; many are unaware of the facts about and the dangers of vaping.  The campaign found at provides facts for young people comparing vapes and cigarettes:  both put nicotine and cancer-causing chemicals in their body and both are highly addictive and dangerous for young people.  Printed materials for youth, including a handout, poster and mirror clings, are available to order or download at along with useful information for adults.

The vaping epidemic has led parents, schools and youth-serving organizations to struggle with how to help youth who are addicted to nicotine and want to quit.  Now, two new programs are available to help Massachusetts youth become nicotine- and tobacco-free.  

This is Quitting

This is Quitting powered by truth® is a texting program for young people who want to quit vaping. It is a free, confidential 30-day program during which youth receive texts with information, tips, and support. They receive daily text messages to help them prepare to quit and supportive texts from young people who have been through the program. They can also, text “CRAVE,” “SLIP,” or “STRESS” at any time for support, or “MASSINFO” for information specific to Massachusetts.  Youth can sign up even if they aren’t ready to quit – the texts they receive will give them things to think about when making that decision. 

To enroll in the program, youth text “VapeFreeMass” to 88709.  Youth can also connect with their school nurse, counselor, or coach to help get them started. 

The program also serves as a resource for parents/guardians looking to help their children who vape.

Parents and other adults can also text “QUIT” to 202-899-7550 to sign up to receive text messages designed specifically for parents of vapers. 

Note:  This is Quitting powered by truth® is a national program. The Massachusetts Department of Public Health, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical School Center for Tobacco Treatment Research & Training, has partnered with truth® to offer messaging and information specific to Massachusetts youth.

My Life, My Quit

My Life, My QuitTM is a specially designed program to help young people quit vaping or other tobacco products. My Life, My QuitTM  provides five free and confidential coaching sessions by phone, live texting, or chat with  specially-trained youth coach specialists. Youth can text “Start My Quit” to 855-891-9989 or call toll-free 1-855-891-9989 for real-time coaching.  They can also visit to sign up online, chat with a live coach, get information about vaping and tobacco, and find activities to help them quit. The program can send out materials and a certificate at the end of the program.

My Life, My QuitTM   is a program of National Jewish Health, the vendor for the Massachusetts Smokers’ Helpline. The My Life, My QuitTM   program combines best practices for youth tobacco cessation adapted to include vaping and new ways to reach a coach using live text messaging or online chat.

Specially trained youth coach specialists emphasize that the decision to stop is personal, and provide information to help cope with stress, navigate social situations and support developing a tobacco-free identity.

For more information about My Life, My QuitTM    visit and click on Parents/Guardians under the Resources tab.

Concerned adults can learn much more about vaping at  You can see what vaping products look like and get answers to frequently asked questions. A toolkit of resources for schools and community-based organizations is available there as well. 

Talking with young people about vaping is essential—youth need to know that vaping is harmful and that help is available for those who want to quit.  To learn more, visit or contact Ashley Hall, MS, Program Manager of the Northeast Tobacco-Free Community Partnership at (978) 722-2864 or

The Northeast Tobacco-Free Community Partnership supports communities’ efforts to lower smoking prevalence and exposure to secondhand smoke; enhances state and local tobacco control efforts by exposing tobacco industry tactics; mobilizes the community to support and adopt evidence-based policies; and changes social norms.  Funded by the Massachusetts Tobacco Cessation and Prevention Program, Community Partnerships serve as a resource for local coalitions, health and human service agencies, municipalities, and workplaces on tobacco intervention efforts.