Job Corps Training

Job Corps is a federal career training and education program for young people, with the goal to prepare students with the skills needed to establish real careers and continue their education. Job Corps offers career training in high-growth industries that will give you the hands-on, practical experience you need to begin working toward a long-term, successful career— not just a job, but an actual CAREER that you can build on for the rest of your life!
• Tuition-free to income-eligible 16- through 24-year-olds.
• Hands-on training programs that take between 8 and 15 months to complete.
• Educational advancement opportunities, such as high school diploma and equivalent programs, Advanced Training to earn additional certifications, and community college partnerships that allow Job Corps students to take college-level classes.
• Professional skill-building in areas such as effective communication, resume writing, networking, community service, and teamwork.
Your career goals do not end when you complete your training at Job Corps … they are just beginning. As you prepare to leave the program, Job Corps will CONNECT you with the right people and resources needed to enter the workforce, pursue Advanced Training, or apply for higher education or an apprenticeship.
Job Corps graduates receive nationally recognized credentials upon completing training programs in high-growth industries:
• Advanced Manufacturing
• Automotive and Machine Repair
• Construction
• Finance and Business
• Health Care
• Homeland Security
• Hospitality
• Information Technology
• Renewable Resources and Energy
• Retail Sales and Services
• Transportation
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